Posted: Nov 15 2013

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Introducing Bryony Foale

If you've seen our SS12 summer film “One Dreamy Day”, you may have noticed the lovely Bryony Foale. To those who don't know Bryony, she's an up and coming Quirky Pop Folk singer from Devon.

We got a chance to chat to Bryony about her music, fashion and her "Dahlia song"…

Bryony in Dahlia Natasha Dress

Hi Bryony! Can you describe your music a little bit?  What music inspires you?
My music is best described as Quirky Pop Folk with a few mellow moments. I write about my childhood & my dreams. I’m quite lucky to have an over active imagination so lyrics come to me quite easily! I get inspired by and grew up listening to many different styles of music, such as 60’s girl groups like The Shirelles, 80’s Madonna, T-Rex, Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen. Growing up in the 90’s I obviously loved all the pop music that was around at the time like the Spice Girls! Once I decided that I wanted to become a singer and write my own songs I had to discover what style of music suited me; my voice, my image, my lyrics and eventually I realised what made me an artist.
We've heard that your new album "Paper Dreams" has just released, can you tell us a little bit about it?
The album is a reflection on dreams, nostalgia & imagination. It is a mixture of pop tracks like ‘Bully Boy’ & ‘Daydreaming’ & mellow tracks like ‘Little Red Skoda’. It was important to me that every song was different and represented who I am and where I've come from.
If you could support one band in the world, who would it be?
Oh difficult question… I really love Ben Howard & he is also from Devon so he is the current artist that I would most like to support but there are so many amazing artists around that I would be more than happy to support! (I love Haim & Kate Nash there are so many talented females in music at the moment.)
If Dahlia is a song, what would it sound like?
‘Dahlia’ would be such a pretty song with an acoustic guitar to represent the beauty but also a driving bass line to represent Dahlia’s cool edge. The voice to the song would be ethereal, delicate and mesmerising.
Describe your fashion style in 3 words.
Cute, feminine, fun!

Bryony in Dahlia Ruby Dress

Your favourite Dahlia piece from the new collection is…

Easy it has to be the Bryony Dress ;-)
Where can we find you performing next?
I will be performing at The Troubadour on Thurs the 30th of January, I’m quite excited because Bob Dylan has played there and more recently Adele & Ed Sheeran. I am confirming dates to perform at The Bedford for next year too. I will also be doing a live session with BBC Introducing that you will be able to listen to online.
Follow you at…
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @bryonyfoale
Instagram: @bryonyfoale
Blog: The Bryony Music Blog


Bryony's latest album ‘Paper Dreams’ is available to download on iTunes: get yours HERE now!


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