Posted: Dec 17 2013

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Dahlia Girlfriend | Courtney Halverson

Meet Courtney, the latest Dahlia Girlfriend from Pretty Little Fawn! Our latest Girlfriend shares her sensational style and vintage dressing tips with us.

You are…
My name is Courtney Halverson

And you're from…
I'm from Southern California, born and raised.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Clumsy, cheeky, and silly

What's your signature look?
I'm absolutely in love with vintage shapes, so anything that calls to mind the 50s and 60s is usually what I can be found in. A full wool skirt and a sweater is my current go-to (since it's a little chilly out), but once it starts warming up, I'll be in dresses and my trusty clogs. Wool hats are a big staple in my wardrobe right now.

Can you give us some advice on mixing vintage and high street garments?
My biggest piece of advice when mixing vintage and high street, is to pick pieces that speak to you, pieces you know you'll want to hang onto for a long time. I always choose vintage fabrics and prints that I know will continue to be timeless and will actually survive my wearing them! Same goes for high street - you'll never go wrong choosing timeless pieces. Mix the two together, and viola!

Who's your girl crush?
At the moment it is Deborah Francois from the french film Populaire. Everything she wears in the 1950s set film is beyond perfection. Sweet feminine blouses with full skirts, amazing party dresses - plus she plays such a fun and fiery character it's hard not to fall in love with her!

Styling tips for this Christmas...
Don't be afraid of a little sparkle! I'm obsessed with glitter and all things gold, and Christmas couldn't be a better time to indulge! I'm talking glittery nail polish, glittery shoes, hey, even a gold sequin dress. Glam it up a bit, no one can judge you at such a festive time of year.


I've been a fan of the UK based label Dahlia for some time now, so you can imagine my excitement when I tell you I'm the latest Dahlia Girlfriend! I did the most embarrassing happy dance when I found out, and another even more terrible dance when this dress arrived from the the lovely ladies at Dahlia!

It's a smock shape, so it just comes in one size, and totally reminds me of an updated version of all the dresses I wore when I was a kid. The loose fit is unbelievably comfortable, and the whole thing gives such a carefree, easy vibe. I'm obsessed with the embroidery on it and can already see myself pairing it with tights and flats, or even with a sweater pulled over it.

Courtney in Dahlia Eliza Black Embroidered Floral Smock Dress
Read more at Courtney's blog HERE



  • Love the latest Dahlia Girlfriend!:) Such inspirations when it comes to style! xxx

    Posted by J Diana Smith on January 09, 2014

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