Posted: Jan 02 2014

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A visit to Dahlia Boutique

Earlier last month, our Dahlia Girlfriend Veena visited our boutique in Carnaby during her stay in London. Check out her magical experience at our boutique and an interview that she did with Leigh - one of the designers at Dahlia....

One of the best parts of relocating to London is basking in the glorious abundance of undiscovered labels, clothing stores and thrift flea markets that can't be found anywhere else in the world, and knowing that I have another year and a half to uncover a whole city's worth of hidden treasures at my leisure. Hardly hidden but definitely a treasure is London's own Dahlia Boutique, which has now firmly nestled itself in the top spot on my list of favorite fashion spots in the city. Boasting a charming boutique on Fouberts Place and retailing in the Topshop of gargantuan proportions on Oxford Street, if you're looking for a carefully curated selection of stylish pieces, Dahlia is the place to be.

My outfit before trying stuff on | Lana two-piece playsuit | monochrome printed jacket | Kim gold jacket

On a rainy Sunday afternoon a few weeks back, I made my way to Fouberts Place in London to visit Dahlia's flagship store, meet the team and try on some of their fabulous clothing (as you can see in the selfies above!). In one afternoon, I was transformed from donning a dreary winter coat/scarf/jeans ensemble to a cute, athletic playsuit (full outfit post here), a sexily structured monochrome coat with PU leather sleeves/collar, and a lightweight, glitzy gold zip-up that begs to be worn to a fashionable party. So much love for all of these gorgeous pieces! The generous Dahlia team let me pick a couple of my favorites to take home, and I selected the gold jacket and the two-piece playsuit, along with two other pieces which you'll see featured soon!

Because I enjoyed my experience with Dahlia so much and LOVE their clothing, I decided to feature its owner, Leigh Littlechild, in the first 10qq segment of 2014! It's so much fun to hear about the lives and passions of interesting individuals throughout the industry on a monthly basis; I hope you guys enjoy these features as much as I do! Read on to find out more about Dahlia founder and designer Leigh:

1. What are your top music artist fashion inspirations?
My inspiration comes more from real life. It comes from street style, the things you see every day. Although I do have a real passion for old school pin ups: Twiggy, Bardot and even Barbara Windsor in Carry On films.

2. Give us a sneaky hint about the direction of Dahlia's next collection (as well as when it'll be launched!):
For SS14 we have gone back to our roots, easy, everyday wearable dresses alongside some amazing macs and new twists on our best pinafores. It will start to feature in store and online from January.

3. Personal favorites from Dahlia's current collection:
This season is full of personal favourites for me. I am loving our oversized dresses like Alana and our cuddly cardigans like Georgina. I am also wearing a few key pieces that you will see in store over the next few weeks. Watch this space for some very cool shorts and skorts.

Leigh wearing a smock dress from Dahlia SS14 collection.

4. A wardrobe must-have for the chillier (and wetter!) winter months in England:

I am a big person for accessories and they really help to personalise an outfit. I had a rather large earmuff collection at one point! A good hat is essential for winter in London and helps to set you apart.

5. A British movie star you'd love to dress:
I love Juno Temple. She really caught my eye in Atonement and I love her now she is all grown up. She would be great to dress as I think she would try anything and I am envious of her hair.

6. A beauty product you dislike:
Chanel mascara. A very huge let down for me. A real lesson in "expensive doesn't mean good."

7. Favorite London fashion bloggers:
I like Le Cool London for general things but for fashion I like the outfit section on Park and Cube. I just find it well put together.

8. A place you'd love to take the Dahlia team on holiday:
We are an eclectic bunch but one thing we share is our love of fashion, clothing and shopping. I think a trip to LA to visit the Rose Bowl vintage market would really tickle all our fancies.

9. Something you would NEVER wear:
Never say never; I have worn some funny things in my time (all very hot at the time!). Let's just say Buffalo trainers! I would never wear Primark. Working in fashion, I know nothing good can be made so cheaply. I think fashion should have a conscience.

10. Favorite fashion reads?
I am not keen on mainstream fashion mags, I feel they are really behind the trends. I prefer Japanese mags for looking at pictures! I also love Accidental Chinese hipsters on Facebook and I want to borrow Grace Coddington's book from my sister.

Visit Dahlia's website here to check out their latest pieces, or head over to their flagship store at Fouberts Place! Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.


Read more on Veena's blog HERE


  • I wish I could visit your store but I can buy online only because I live in Russia:(

    Posted by Polina Pikurova on January 08, 2014

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