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We think a cute little jacket can be a very versatile piece when styling.  On the blog today, we asked fashion and beauty blogger Charissa Rae to take on a styling challenge by styling our Margaret Jacket three ways! 

LOOK ONE - Everyday Outfit

My first look I decided to style is aimed at every girl who just wants to find a way to add something extra on the days when they just want to pop their jeans on. To compliment the peach tones in the jacket I rummaged right to the back of my wardrobe and found this pale pink blouse from two or so years ago. I think it makes the look still look dressed up even when you are going casual on the bottom half. I wanted to wear a hat just because it was so windy when shooting but I do think it ties the whole outfit together. This is actually what I'm going to popping on when I finish work tonight when I meet up some old friends from school!


So here's my second installment of styling this jacket differently.  This look is my tougher and edgier look which I think depending on the individual is wearable during the day and night. As the look is quite loud and full of different textures and prints; lace, leopard print, leather and with a bold red lip, I wanted a laid back hair style which is why i went for my trusty plaited up-do. Alternatively you could take the t-shirt out of the outfit and just wear it with the dress and jacket if you like.  It's a little too cold and I'm a little too flat chested to carry that off though.

LOOK THREE - Night Out

I think for me this is my favourite of all three as you know that I love simple outfits with just one staple piece; in the case being the jacket. I decided to go for a mega bright blue nail which I'm not sure if it quite worked but what can you do, ey? Another option for this outfit is that you can add a bold lip, which I've decided to add on below for you to have a look. So there you have it, all three looks. which was your favourite?

Charissa wearing Dahlia Margaret Pink Leopard Print Jacket with Faux Pocket Detail



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