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Meet Polly! The queen of vintage clothing and antiques, her wardrobe is full of amazing vintage treasures and super sweet pastel wigs like a Wes Anderson's film. We chatted to her about her job as a stylist, the influence from her grand mum, and tips on buying vintage garments!

Your name is… 
Polly Jane Bland.... aka Paulie Antiques.

And you’re from… 
I was born in Los Angeles California, USA and then moved to Illinois shortly after, I grew up about 5 hours south of Chicago. I recently moved to New York City for three months to serve an internship with Wall Group Fashion Stylst & ELLE Magazine's Fashion Editor at Large, Lori Goldstein. I'm moving to Los Angeles in a year to pursue styling and costume design for films & television!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
From a young age, I was surrounded by vintage clothing and antiques. My Mother was a beauty queen in High School and I am always inspired by her fashion sense and her vintage clothing from Rodeo Drive. My Grandmother Kutch owned an antique store called, "Plain Jane's Antiques" when I was a child and I'd spend a lot of time in her shop browsing after school. I became fascinated with antiques and their previous owners and previous lives. If only they could talk! I also have an obsession with collecting vintage suitcases, pressing flowers, and I am totally obsessed with hydrangeas in every possible way! I love to make my own bow ties and clothing.

How did you start working as a stylist?
I recently graduated from the University of Illinois with my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Costume Design & Technology and I started costume designing and styling short films & music videos over three years ago before creating my brand Paulie Antiques in 2010. After creating Paulie Antiques and acquiring a ton of beautiful vintage dresses and other oddities - I started to ask some of my friends to model them. I also had models wear my hand made bow ties for "Paulie Antiques Bow Tie Week" a few years ago. My first handmade runway show was in Spring 2012 when I made over 10 pieces of clothing for 6 models. I wasn't really into make-up a few years ago, but now I always help with the model's make-up, hair, accessories, clothing, nails, eyelashes, etc. My internship with Lori Goldstein taught me a lot and I was humbled. Here's an article I wrote called, "10 Things Every Great Fashion Stylist Should Have in Their Kit".

Any tips on buying vintage garments?
Make sure you see the tag if you're buying it online, if it's vintage... you will be able to tell from the tag and also if it has a Union Label inside. Don't forget to check the armpits and neckline for wear & stains... you must be willing to repair some vintage items before you wear them... but it's worth it! Read the article I wrote about "Removing Stains from Vintage".

Your favourite vintage shop is…
I love Adored Vintage and Dear Golden on etsy... but I must say that my own vintage shop, Paulie Antiques, is my labor of love!

Show us a picture of your favourite vintage dress to date...
I bought this pink 1960's prom dress when I visited Red Velvet in Springfield, Missouri (USA) for the second time... which is Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman's store. It recently closed, but it was a fabulous store! 

Who is your style icon? 
There are many influences on my style.. Wes Anderson's films, Tim Burton's Films, Quentin Tarantino's films, and John Waters' films inspire me endlessly. Fruit and dessert really inspire my style. I also adore the 1957 film Funny Face starring Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn and Kay Thompson. Kay Thompson plays Maggie Prescott in the film, which is based on the real life of Diana Vreeland. Diana Vreeland blows my mind- she's genius. Grace Coddington also inspires me. I think out of all my interests and obsessions... she's got one of my dream jobs as the creative director of Vogue Magazine. I can't forget to mention the 1942 film "Reap the Wild Wind" with Paulette Goddard and John Wayne.... a truly gorgeous and awe-inspiring film!

What blogs are your daily reads? 
I've been a huge fangirl of Elsie Larson for close to 7 years now at and I met her and her sister Emma on my 22nd birthday. They are incredibly generous and it was delightful to meet my blogging idol!! I also met Mallory Makes who was their intern at the time and everyone was super sweet to me! I also love following The Blonde Salad and Carrie from WishWishWish.

Follow me at… 
My blog, @paulieantiques on Lookbook, Twitter, Instagram & Vine!


Polly wearing Leigh Black Leather Look Scallop Edge Pinafore

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