Posted: Mar 28 2014

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Art we love | Nagi Noda

If you're a regular on Pinterest and Tumblr, you would be familiar with the mind blowing animal-shaped hair sculptures by Nagi Noda.

Nagi Noda was a whimsical and creative art director from Japan, who produced this series of exquisitely executed ‘hair hats’ before her untimely death in 2008 at age 35. She was active not only in Japanese advertising and graphic design, but also in fashion and art, the scope of her creativity reaching way beyond Japan’s shores.

Advertising campaign for Laforet

Advertising campaign for Laforet

Advertising campaign for Laforet

Album cover for Meg Precious

Advertising campaign for her own fashion label - Broken Label

TV comercial for Coca Cola

Among her brilliant work for the likes of J-pop star Yuki, Scissor Sisters, department store Laforet, and big brands such as Nike and Coca Cola, our favourite one is the utterly surreal short film “Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an ‘Ex-Fat Girl’." for Panasonic, where poodles dress up in the cutest aerobic outfits and hit the gym!


See the full set of pictures and a lot more of her work take a look at Nagi Noda’s website here.


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