Posted: Apr 04 2014

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Dahlia Girlfriend | Annie Wachsmuth

Forget the LBD - this summer, it's all about the LWD! On the blog today, we asked fashion and beauty blogger Annie of The Fashion Mirror to take on a styling challenge by styling our beautiful Olivia Dress! X

LOOK ONE - Keep it simple!

Needless to say that waking to a beautiful sun rise and the sound of twittering birds announcing the arrival of spring is an absolutely perfect start of the day (both for you and the day). One which seemed to be the perfect occasion for my new white dress alias the Olivia Daisy Detail Dress (Marc Jacobs' perfume is a brilliant match and no, don't worry about my mental health, there are very few pieces in my wardrobe I relate to by name) to come along for some fun in the sun. Oh and the embellished hat basically jumped into my open arms on my way to Victoria and complemented my dress in such a harmonious way, I could not resist the temptation.

LOOK TWO - Worn as a top!

I am a great fan of skirt-shirt combinations and thus an attempt of channeling the Olivia Dress by Dahlia into a blouse was an almost obligatory step- plus it emphasises the shape of its embellished sleeves and draws the attention they deserve to them (as if they had been complaining last time).

LOOK THREE - Going retro!

As most of you might have realised, this is the third return of the Olivia Dress by Dahlia paired with a very classic spring coat with a 60s vibe to it and a rather fancy feather hair clip to add a bit of an eye-catcher. Surreally perfect surroundings, lunch on a bench in Holland park and a cloudless sky - don't we all prefer London's sunny face?

Annie wearing Dahlia Olivia Daisy Trim Shift Dress


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