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Dahlia Girlfriend | Toni of Fashion Your Seatbelts

Meet our new Girlfriend, Toni of Fashion Your Seatbelts.  She’s a brilliant blogger, stylist and art director for fashion photo shoots.  Check out our interview with her below and spot the Lucie Co-ord set by Dahlia!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name's Toni, I grew up in Devon and I studied for a degree in fashion journalism in Southampton before moving to London, which is where I'm based now. I spend most of my time styling, art directing, blogging or eating. 

How did you start working as a stylist?
I was very lucky to land a job with a large, established fashion brand just a couple of months after I graduated. Here I was able to work with many stylists and art directors and gain a lot of experience working on shoots. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend however that I decided that styling was the path I would like to go down; he's an amazing photographer and we work together on a regular basis. He enabled me to build up my portfolio basically!

What are your influences?
I feel very influenced by fashion photography, of course, I love seeing how different stylists put clothing together, I'm always on the lookout for new brand campaigns too. I also feel very inspired by film and when travelling, when away from home there seems to be less responsibility weighing me down and my mind feels a lot more free and relaxed therefore able to be completely open to new ideas. 


Is there any magazines, books or films that you like and we shouldn't be missed?
I love USED magazine, which is a very beautiful online magazine; it has a really simple layout and the editorials they feature are gorgeous. I used to be a big reader but I don't really seem to have time anymore…. the last book I read was Morrissey's autobiography which, is absolutely beautifully written, it's like a very long poem. I'd recommend it to anyone who's a fan, or who just likes reading lovely words. I'm also a sucker for fantasy fiction so would recommend Delirium by Lauren Oliver, which is the first in a trilogy and has a slight post-apocolyptic feel about it. The Fairwick Chronicles by Carol Goodman are also worth a read.

As for film, some of my favourites are Pan's Labyrinth, Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire, Donnie Darko, (who doesn't love a young Jake Gyllenhaal?), Her, Moonrise Kingdom - you should probably watch the entire Wes Anderson discography actually - so much joy! Errmmm Never let me go is a lovely film, but very sad, and I enjoyed Blue Valentine too but that's heartbreaking.    

And your favourite place in London is…
My favourite place in London is Shoreditch, it's the first area that I worked in and got to know so it feels a little homely in a way! I also love Primrose hill on a sunny day!

What's your favourite trend this season?
I'm loving all of the art inspired pieces that are about at the moment; it's a really fun and graphic trend! 

Follow you at…
The best way to keep in touch/see what I'm up to with work etc is probably Instagram. You can find me under @toni_fys :) X


Toni wearing Lucie Monochrome Stripy Top and Peplum Hem Mini Skirt Set

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