Posted: Jul 03 2014

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Glastonbury : Favourite Bits

Glastonbury is over for another year, and wasn't it amazing? 

The weather for the festival had it’s ups and downs but when it came to style, fashion and fun there were only good things to say about it all. Here's a recap of some of the our favourite bits this year...

HAIM's bassface

We love Haim, we love their trendiest all white outfits and we love Este's most tweetest bassface.


Lily Allen's hair

 Lily Allen has once again brightened up Glastonbury with her festival perfect rainbow hair.  

Foxes' Co-ords

The glamorous bright red co-ords look fantastic on Foxes and it shows you don’t have to be grungy at Glasto!



Dolly's Girl Power

For girl power at it's best we have to mention Dolly... yip you heard right Dolly Parton, other than drawing the biggest crowds she had kitsch and glam! We love!




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