Posted: Jul 30 2014

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Dahlia Girlfriend | Charlotte of The Goodowl

Fashion is on a lace odyssey - our favourite summer off-duty fabric!

Get the most out of your new season purchases, with cost-effective classic pieces that will work your wardrobe (and not your wallet) to the max. We challenged blogger Charlotte of The Goodowl to create three on-trend outfits using our beautiful Ella lace skater dress, proving that one key item is all you need! X

LOOK ONE - Girl Next Door

Waking up to a email from Dahlia asking me to style one of there gorgeous dresses up three different ways has got to be a dream come true, so you can imagine how I felt when I received this dress lovingly wrapped up in mint polka dot tissue paper with a hand written note (Props Dahlia) I fell In love with there pieces when I was searching the web for a dress to wear for a wedding a few weeks back and haven't been able to get off there site since. 

I decided to keep my first look quite simple and added a quick DIY belt to compliment my shoes and sunglasses, I could imagine wearing this to a summer wedding or maybe for a date night, what do you think?

LOOK TWO - The Rock Chick

A Leather jacket in this weather? I was doomed from the start, but I committed so I had to style it out like I wasn't melting. I'm still yet to find the dream leather jacket, I want something with big chunky buckles on and possibly cropped? The hunt is on.. hopefully by the time I find it ill actually be able to wear it without loosing 50% off my weight in water.

LOOK THREE - The Rodeo Girl

So here it is my third and final installment of One Dress Three Ways, I've really enjoyed this challenge, its something I try to do with all my clothes so I can get the most use out of them, I always ask myself what I can pair an item with before I make any purchase, this way it wont just end up gathering dust in the forgotten part of the wardrobe, which we all know eventually leads to the drawer and then suddenly its banished to the loft never to be seen again.. well until the following year when your mum insist its time for it to be sold but you refuse to let it go as it still has the tags on. Okay maybe this has happened to me on a few occasions but since I've stuck by my mantra it hasn't happened again, until the sales happen, then I start making impulse buys. I cant help it I'm drawn in by shiny pretty things.

Charlotte wearing Ella Lace Skater Dress with Cutout Back



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