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1 Garment 3 Ways | Jeline of Sartorialust

"Reduce, reuse, recycle!" Said blogger Jeline of Sartorialust.  On the blog today, see how Jeline styled our ever so versatile Millie skirt in three different ways! xx


The lovely gals at Dahlia sent me a garment from their A/W collection for me to show you how I’d style it in three different ways. I went ahead to gather every single piece of clothing I managed to pack for my HK trip and after a while of mixing and matching, I emerged from my clothes pile with three looks as well as a list of tips that I managed to come up with when it comes to maximizing your wardrobe.

P.S. I tried to create a variation of looks but due to limited clothing resource, this is the best I could do. x

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce expenditures by reusing old garments which can be recycled to create numerous, new and different looks.

2. Invest in basics. Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe and are an essential. They’re versatile and classic. Need I say more #basic

3. Experiment. Coming up with different ways to wear a garment may be a bit tricky so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Let your clothes take on a new role (e.g. maxi skirt as a dress, a dress as a top, etc). Go all out and you might just come up with an extremely rad look.

4. Polyvore is your best friend. Not only does it make outfit planning fun but it’s also a great source for inspiration. Many thanks to all the Polyvore users that have a serious eye for style.

5. Borrow from the boys. Or your mum and sister. Because if all else fails, their wardrobe is the best place to “shop”. Ta-da! New clothes at zero cost.

Key piece: Dahlia Millie Neoprene Skater Skirt

Look 1 – H&M Chenille Jumper. DIY Necklace.

I would most likely wear this out to dinner. The dark colour scheme makes it perfect for the evening and I love how the black chenille jumper gives the look a classy vibe. Finished the look by accessorizing with a rose gold tube necklace I made myself. Choice of footwear would be a pair of classic black flats or chunky heeled boots.

Look 2 – H&M Cami. ASOS Chunky Sandals.

A more casual look compared to Look 1 due to the cami I paired the skirt with. Perfect for a day out with friends. As for shoes, I would opt for sandals.

Look 3 – BKRM White Label Overlay Shorts Playsuit (worn as a top).

Wore my BKRM playsuit as a top by wearing the skirt over it. Created a monochromatic look and this could actually pass as a two-tone dress! Though it’s not that obvious in the picture but the playsuit looks more blue in real life.


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