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Girlfriend Zoe | Morning in Paris

Wish we were in Pairs right now! Spotted Girlfriend Zoe in our fluffiest Paloma skirt at this beautiful Paris apartment.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your Dahlia garments from all corners of the world.


Mornings in Paris. Worry not, as i had way more for my breakfast on our last day (not pictured: strawberry tarts, baguette, lattes and the lot). Bare legs are now a luxury I cannot afford, apparently not for a while as i hear temperatures back home are at a low as well. I'm counting the days until I get back to Hong Kong and can eat everything I've been craving for the past three months within a span of one day (of course). Bear with me and the overdue posts...exams are coming up and for me that means lots of time in the library and not enough time to shoot. Also, this skirt is fluffy as heck...wanna feel?

American Apparel knit
Dahlia skirt
Photos by Natalie Chyi.



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