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Dahlia Crush | Annika White

Meet Annika! The fairy-like model/photographer living in Brooklyn, New York - we are totally obsessed with this little cutie's style and her amazing photos! We caught up with Annika to chat about her influences, beauty secrets and the inspirations behind the Dahlia Spring 15 photo shoot.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I was born and raised in a small city in northern California before moving to Brooklyn this past summer. I currently spend my days attempting to attend art school, perfecting my tofu taco recipe, and marveling at all of the snow on my roof.

How long have you been photographing/modeling for?
I originally began taking photos when my Father presented me with my first camera at the age of four. It was a large white Polaroid, and I can still remember running around my old Victorian house, snapping photos of just about everything in sight (fortunately, this was before the days of $3 exposures). Once I reached high school, I became mesmerized by portraiture, photographing my friends, random strangers-- pretty much anyone that I found interesting- practically every day after class. However, I didn't really get into fashion photography until I was inspired by some film photos that I saw in an editorial last year, and found that it could be an art form in the way that it tells a story through the fabrics, the setting, the colors, the emotion-- everything! It was an incredible revelation, and I've been shooting tons of fashion-y stuff ever since. As far as modeling goes, I signed with my first agency at age 12, and have been doing it off-and-on ever since.

Is there anything specific that inspires your Dahlia shoot?
The flowery prints, black bows, and whimsical collars! It's all very 60s (one of my all-time favourite fashion eras).

Which is your favourite Dahlia piece of our Spring 15 collection?
My favourite piece is a tie between the Miriam Dress and the Ellie Dress - they both have such lovely collars (I've always been a sucker for peter pan collars) and cuts.

Beauty secrets...
I've been putting Vaseline on my eyelashes every night before bed since I was 14, and it's really done wonders for length. Also-- Smith's Rosebud Salve. It's been my lips' only savior in this dry winter weather.

If you can take us to NYC for a day, where will you take us to?
Hmm, that's as tough one, as there are so many interesting places to visit in NYC. It's probably the only place in the US where you can feel like you've traveled to a different country just by riding the metro for an hour. However, I'd probably take you to the area that's considered sort of half Williamsburg/half Bushwick in Brooklyn. We'd get vegan donuts, go vintage shopping, and snap photos in front of the vibrant murals that surround the area.

Follow you at...
@annikawhite on Instagram! Or check out my website at Annika White

See Annika's take on our Spring 15 Collection below...

Dress: Ellie Drop Waist Collar Dress

I love the scalloped collar on this dress so much! It's so sturdy and well-shaped. Also, it's detachable, so if you decided you want more of a simple look you can take it off without a problem. This dress was probably my favorite out of the entire collection (although, it's a tough call-- everything's so great!) and the added pleated detail on the sleeve pretty much makes it. 

Top: Corinne Heart Print Jacquard Top with Bow Back Detail
Shorts: Maxine Heart Print Jacquard Double Layer Shorts

This matching shorts/shirt combination is so cute! I've never really thought of matching two prints on top and bottom (I'm usually more of an avid print mixer) but it turned out so nicely and after putting this on.. Well, let's just say I'll probably be wearing a matching set of some sort the next time you see me.

Dress: Clarissa Navy Shift Dress with Contrast Daisy Lace Trim

The perfectly delicate white flower detail on this dress was the first thing that caught my eye, and since I've always been such a fan of florals (I have a problem), I couldn't wait to pair it with these flower tights from ASOS that I'd been wanting to wear but was putting it off for the warmer months ahead. Side note: This dress also reminds me of this little shirt that I got in Guatemala when I was younger (what happened to that shirt?)...

Skirt: Tiffany Pink Floral and Stripe Organza Full Midi Skirt

I had the most doubts about successfully styling this skirt, as I don't usually buy longer skirts for whatever reason, and wasn't really sure what to wear with it at first, but I ended up pairing it with another item in my wardrobe that was a slightly unusual/impulse buy for me (this black velvet crop top from American Apparel) and I'm super stoked with how it turned out! The light pink color of this skirt is such a perfect shade of pink and it's inspired me to want to invite more long skirts into my life. I apologize for the right side of the skirt being blown out in the above image-- the lighting wasn't nearly as nice as I predicted it would be, and it probably doesn't do the detail the justice it deserves. Such a lovely skirt though!

Top: Arabella Olive Floral Top with Open Grosgrain Bow Back
Pants: Olivia Olive Floral Wide Leg Culottes

Another matching set! And another thing I usually don't take the time to try wearing-- pants. I don't know what it is, but over the past couple of years I've been notorious for never wearing pants, and it's just kind of stuck-- until now! These pants are really cool! I don't say that lightly, as I'm incredibly picky about my pants, but these pants are so nice. They fit so well, and I love the culotte fit of them, which is a newly popular style that I hadn't gotten around to trying out yet. Plus, the print is so beautiful! It reminds me of the super green plant-filled (I love plants) botanical gardens around this city that I find myself visiting on pretty much every free day of mine. So peaceful~

Dress: Miriam Contrast Collar Smock Dress

This dress, and the many styles they carry that are similar to it, are what originally caught my attention when I first discovered Dahlia some time ago. I immediately fell in love with the smock cut, the little ribbon, the small flower detail on the top, and most of all, and the most expected from me-- the peter pan collar! This dress is just so dreamy (literally, my dream dress) and I'm so grateful to finally have had the opportunity to see it in the flesh. I decided to pair it with one of my mock necks for a colder weather look I suppose (it is still the dead of winter here) and with my white tights for a slight bit of leg warmth. Such a perfect creation, this dress.

(o˘◡˘o) Anyway, have a lovely day! And be sure to check out Dahlia-- they make such wonderful clothes and the company is made up of even more wonderful people.





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