Posted: Mar 09 2015

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Dahlia Girlfriend | Typhaine Augusto

We’re crushing hard on Typhaine Augusto, our latest Girlfriend. With her resemblance of Lou Doillon and super-cool style, this Parisian cutie is definitely the one to watch!  Say hello to Typhaine. 

Who you are? Where you from? What you do?
I'm Typhaine Augusto, I'm from Paris and I'm one of this annoying girls with a job full of slashes, you blogger, stylist, photographer and I'm doing some music interviews...

Personal favourites from Dahlia's current collection:
My navy Elodie jacket of course but I also love the faux fur sailor coat, so cute.

A wardrobe must-have for Spring:
I will say a long striped dress, it makes you think about the sea and holidays.

A beauty product you dislike:
I'm not really into beauty, I don't have a lot of knowledge about make-up but I must say I don't understand colorful eye shadows.

Favourite fashion bloggers:
Susie Bubble and Tavi Gevinson, even if she's not really a blogger anymore but actually I'm more into music blogs and spent most of my time online digging Soundcloud.

If you can take us to Paris for a day, where will you take us to?
To Montmartre, definitely. This is where I live and I'm so in love with the spirit of this part of Paris, always full of joy, music, people and there is a lot of great places to drink good coffee.

Something you would NEVER wear:
Anything labelled as sexy. I just hate the idea to dress to be sexy and seduce...who already?

Favourite fashion reads?
I only read Vanity Fair.

Follow you at...
On my blog or on my instagram @typhaineaugusto even if I don't always post pretty pictures ;)

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