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Summer Camp is Back!

Married London indie pop duo Summer Camp has long been our go-to summer soundtrack, thanks to their signature filter-friendly lo-fi tunes.  We are super excited to know that the band will return this summer with their album number 3 ‘BAD LOVE’!

We chatted with Elizabeth Sankey (she's also a fashion blogger! See her love letter to Dahlia HERE) on the new album, her style crushes and their new obsession with the 90s horror films.

What’s the most exciting thing about your 3rd album being released?
People hearing it!  You work on something for a year with only a couple of people knowing about it and listening to it, so by the time it comes to it being released you're desperate for it to just get out there.  Also we produced the album completely by ourselves, so we feel like it's a very clear representation of where we're at right now.  Can't wait to tour it!

Who are your biggest influences?
Every project we work on we look at different things for inspiration.  This album is all about relationships and the idea of good love and bad love.  We watched a lot of 90s horror films for ideas on how the artwork should look, I also dug up all my old Point Horror and Fear Street books, I love the covers of those so much.  The illustrated pictures of teens looking scared in high-waisted jeans - heaven.  I am always far more inspired by books and films and TV than I am music.  

Are there any artists you’re really excited about at the minute?
Courtney Barnett.  I love her.  Her lyrics are incredible, and I love her voice.  I think she's a genius.  

What do you like to wear on stage?  
I like to be comfortable but I always like the license being on stage gives you to be a bit nuts.  Right now I just want to wear the kind of thing Buffy wore in season 3, mainly because if she could fight vampires in those outfits, surely I can get away with them on stage?  Also I love wearing suits on stage, it makes you feel like you know what you're doing.  

Who’s style would you most like to steal?
Right now, like a lot of people, I'm lost in that 70s/90s clash that is everywhere.  So half the time I want to dress like Penny Lane from Almost Famous and the rest of the time I'm looking at photos of Liv Tyler in Empire Records.  I love trying to re-create the outfits from TV and film characters.  

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?
Playing Glastonbury is always amazing, and to be honest the fact we get to travel so much is why I love this job.  We went to Japan last year and I fell completely in love, I can't wait to go back.  We also play loads in Italy which is - obviously - so great.  We just did the soundtrack to a documentary on teen films called Beyond Clueless, it was really fun to collaborate with someone else on a project.  And we got to do live scores all over the place.  We only messed up once!

Where can we find you performing next?
We will be playing at the Manchester Old Eagle Inn on 29th May, London's Dalston Victoria on 1st June and doing festivals over the summer... but it's all top secret for now...

Summer Camp's new album "Bad Love" is out 25th May - preorder your copy HERE


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