Posted: Apr 09 2015

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Dear Dahlia...

We recently received a beautiful letter from the lovely Elizabeth, one half of the London indie pop duo Summer Camp (Read our interview about their new album Bad Love HERE), about our cutest dog tooth co-ord set.

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Dear Dahlia,

It's me.  Hi, how are you?  I'm a longtime admirer, first time wearer.  And, wow, I have so many things to say to you. 

1.  Dogtooth!  Blue dogtooth in a co-ord!  You know when you see something and love it so much but then you love it twice as much because it's brand stinkin' new?  Well I never thought blue dogtooth would be possible but man, I'm so glad it is. 

2. I really like your ruffles.  I like the way they go around the edges and up the sleeve but I especially like the ones around the neck.  They feel Victorian and "proper" but they're on blue dogtooth!

3. Damn this kilt.  And this jacquard material.  It's so pleasing in its weight, which isn't to say that this is a heavy kilt, but more that I know it's not going to fly up on a breezy day.  Although even if it did that wouldn't be a problem because this skirt is LINED.   Not enough clothes are lined these days. 

4.  Your spring collection is a SPRING. COLLECTION. It's bright.  It's lacy.  It's pastels.  It's fresh.  It's positively bouncy. 

5.  You're designed by sisters!  I have a sister!  We're basically the same person. 

6.  Do you want to share my easter egg with me?  (I'd have to buy a new easter egg to share with you because I already ate mine, but I would totally do that). 

Yours,  Elizabeth x 




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