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Dahlia Girl | Coated Noir

Introducing Amelia... the coolest monochromatic girl from sunny Sydney, Australia!  See how the Coated Noir girl pulls off our dreamiest Dahlia pink with the Lillie A-line pinafore! x


As most of you probably know, I am very much a black and white girl. My wardrobe is full of black clothing with lots of white shirts and grey pieces thrown in. Every now and then I like to chuck a bit of colour into the mix. You know, to be wild. So today i'm wearing this salmon/apricot coloured pinafore dress by Dahlia teamed with a Mink Pink button up, a little black ribbon I bought from a fabric store and my black high heeled boots. At first it took a while to adjust to wearing not only a colour, but a colour I have actively avoided my whole life but I soon fell in love with the outfit. Once I put on the black ribbon and the black socks and boots, the outfit fell into place. 

If you're like me and scared of wearing colour, start small and work your way up. It could be something like a bag or even something as small as red lipstick and watch your love for throwing bits and pieces of colour into your wardrobe flourish. Will I always be a monochromatic girl? Probably. But adding a block of colour here and there definitely changes things up a bit and lets me have just that short little walk down colour lane, even if it's just for a day.

You can shop this gorgeous pinafore from Dahlia at www.dahlia.com 




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