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Dahlia Talks to Gemma Cairney...

Congratulations on your new show at Radio 1, tell us more about it and how you started. When did you decide that you wanted to be a DJ?

I tried acting, then tried to work in fashion. All the while I was keeping myself afloat by being a tequila girl and was finding it all a bit funny. Aged 21 I got to a kinda self, stand off. I was stumped, not really sure what I wanted from my future. I thought hard about how I could combine all the things I learned along the way, from drama school to selling shots. Presenting felt like something worth giving a bash. Radio seemed the most appealing to me and I just gave it a whirl. I kept my mouth shut & listened in a radio production course. I fell in love.

Sum up your style in three words?

Humorous, jumbled & sparkly.

Which festivals are you attending this year and who are you most looking forward to seeing live?

I'm deffo going to Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and I'm beside myself about watching Jay Z. I've seen him live a couple of times, it's ridiculous how he frenzies the crowd into a hip hop bedlam. I'm going to T in the Park too (I went years ago & bounced around the photographers pit to watch The Strokes, it was pure blag-action we all had tiny silver digital cameras, but haven't been since).

What’s you most loved item of clothing? 

A floor length, backless, Ashish dress that is made entirely of sequins & has a green mermaid tail.

Tell us one thing about you that we should know?

What energy you give out comes back.

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