Posted: Jun 22 2012

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Summer Paradise - Hong Kong

Hello Lovelies ♥

Did you have any luck in our fabulous summer sale?  We are all so excited about it and we just can’t wait to put the beautiful dresses on and go out in the sun!

Though the British weather is still in its typical awful state, some of our girls at Dahlia HQ were lucky enough to escape to their exotic summer paradise!  In the following weeks we will blog about the beautiful photos they have taken in their summer vacations, today we have chatted to Van, our Marketing girl, about her visit to the Flower Market in Hong Kong.

So how was the weather in Hong Kong?

It’s so hot and humid there with temperatures peaking at 33 °C and it’s not even high summer yet!

Can you tell us where’s the Flower Market then?

It is located in Mongkok at Kowloon, one of the most popular places in Hong Kong.  The Flower Market is simply a jungle of exotic blossoms, luck-bringing houseplants and sweet scents.  It’s  fun to walk around the market and admire all the colourful flowers and plants.

What is your most favourite flower?

Haha! I’d love to say dahlia but I’m also a big fan of daisies and basically the whole chrysanths family.  They look so innocent and are just so easy to take care of, just looking at them makes me happy.

Did you buy anything from the market?

Yeah, I’ve got some creamy pom mums and a kind of berry-looking flower called globe amaranth.  They just look so adorable together don’t they?  It’s like some delicious summer berries on scoops of vanilla ice-cream, and the fluffy pom mum reminds me of my lovely little kitty!

Will you go on vacation this summer Dahlia girls?  Let’s hope the beautiful summer weather will return soon.  Have a lovely weekend!

Love Dahlia x


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