Posted: Jun 30 2012

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Summer Paradise - Bangkok


Hello Pretties <3

We are really really sorry to let you know that we could not show you our summer film as promised earlier due to some technical issues :( .


To make up for this, today we have Leigh showing us her photos taken from her trip in Bangkok, a colourful city packed with exotic aromas, delicious cuisines and amazing flea markets!


Leigh, we’ve heard that this is not your first time in Bangkok, so what do you love most about this city?

Food! Chilli and Tom Yum Soup! The markets, the vibe… well it’s literally everything! I have so much joy in Bangkok, I could happily live there forever!


Can you tell us more about the markets there? How it’s like and which is your favourite one?

There’re lots of interesting and quaint markets in Bangkok, like Chatuchuk the most famous weekend market, Rot Fai Market and even a floating market which cuts through Khlong River.



It’s actually quite hard for me to name my favourite one ’cause I simply LOVE all of them. If I have to recommend one for our Dahlia Girls, it would be the cool Rot Fai Market.  Rot Fai is like the old Bricklane in London, a relative new but edgy place that it could be hard to find, as it’s tucked behind what appears to be an abandoned warehouse near the Chatuchak Weekend Market and not even heard of by some local people.  At Rot Fai, you can find loads of amazing antiques and vintage fashions and even drink beer inside cute rusty VW camper van! It gave me a lot of inspiration and I just simply adore this lovely place.


Every girl loves shopping, show us what you’ve bought Leigh!

Well, I bought this necklace set from Chatuchak Weekend Market with my initial and an enamel anchor on it, it just goes well with everything! Recently I like to wear it with the new Naomi Cotton Lace Dress, it can tone down the girly feel of the lace and collars and add an edge to the total look, I got many compliments from my friends whenever I wear this outfit.

So hopefully we can show you the summer film next week, have a happy weekend our Dahlia Girls!


Love, Dahlia x



  • Do you know what time/ days Rot Fai market is on. Thanks heaps for your time

    Posted by Sherrill Shirley on July 18, 2013

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