Posted: Jul 03 2012

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Introducing Vincent Dolman...


Meet Dahlia’s fashion photographer Vincent Dolman! We chat to our Dahlia boy about photography, celebrities, One Direction and granny plates…

Where are you and what are you doing right now?

I’m sat in a coffee shop in Brixton Village organising my day and planning tomorrow’s shoot.

Describe in three words what it is like to be fashion photographer?

Creative, Fun and Competitive.

You have worked with lots of celebrities, who has been the most fun to 

Out of the most recent shoots I would say that The Rizzle Kicks were the most fun. I thought Labrinth 
had a really, really good energy and JLS were very down to earth, the nicest lads you could 

If I consider my whole career around 15 years of shooting celebrities, then I would say that Snoop Dogg was without question the 
coolest, with amazing presence and charisma...More recently I shot Rihanna and she had a similar aura around her.

Which one fashion icon would you like to photograph most and why?

Probably Lady Gaga, as I imagine she would be quite a tricky personality to win over, and I like that sort of challenge. I work best under pressure.

We saw you recently photographed One Direction, who is the most camera 
shy? And who loved the camera?

I would say Zane seemed a little shy on the day and Harry had the most confidence in front of the camera, but then he’s the best looking one I guess.

Tell us one thing about you that we should know?

I love going to markets and charity shopping for granny plates and old lamp shades.

To view more of Vincent’s work

Twitter : @dolman2

Enjoy! Love Dahlia x


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