Posted: Jul 13 2012

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Summer Paradise - Ibiza

 Hello Lovelies

There's no disputing it has been a very disappointing summer in Britain so far this year, we are all so desperate to enjoy the beaches and summer breeze under the sun.

As the final chapter of our summer blog specials, we chatted to our Dahlia sister duo, Tracey & Leigh, about their crazy parties, sandy beaches, vacation wardrobes and great food, on the magical island of Ibiza.



What’s so special about Ibiza?

Tracey: There are quite a few factors: here is my list!!

Firstly, the people, Ibiza attracts a varied clientele who all mingle together on the beach. Whether its old hippies playing bongo drums, Russian oligarchs and their fancy girlfriends primping and preening, beautiful young hipsters, Eurotrash; women wearing stilettos on the beach, say no more! It all makes for a really great day of people watching.



Secondly, Atlantis- the secret land of Atlantis, a famous Ibiza legend or myth! Said to be found near Es Vedra rock, just off Ibiza’s south west coast. It’s highly magnetic and has special powers!

Thirdly, the beaches are amazing, whether you want a small and rustic one such as  Cala Xarraca in the north of the island or more of a party beach such as Salinas you are guaranteed a lovely day under the sun.



And last but not least, the clubbing! Of course clubbing is the big draw for a majority of people going to Ibiza. Arguably Ibiza has the best clubs and music in the world, you cannot visit Ibiza without going to Pacha at least once.



Everyone knows that clubbing is great in Ibiza, what else is there to do:

Tracey: Yoga retreats are a growing trend on the island to revive your mind, body and soul. There is also an abundance of beautiful spa’s to pamper yourself, or to rejuvenate tired and aching limbs from too many late night parties!

Leigh: I love shopping in Ibiza. I always come back with a heavier suitcase, my favourite places are the lovely boutiques in Ibiza town and the beachwear stall at The Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal, it’s on the pricey side but you have to treat yourself on holiday!


What should one wear in Ibiza?

Tracey: Anything goes as long as it’s barely there! Ibiza is so liberal and creative, it’s a time to experiment and with a tan everything looks good, right?!

Leigh: The boho, hippy look is very popular during the day. For evening, it’s sexier and edgier, but with a sun kissed undone look.


Where did you stay?

Leigh: This time we rented a villa in Cala Jondal called The Boathouse. It had a lot of Ibizan character with shells hanging from the ceilings and wafty drapes surrounding the pool.


Favourite memory from your holiday?

Tracey: Discovering the culinary delight of ‘Carpaccio de pulpo’ (Octopus carpaccio) I am now addicted!!

Leigh: Dancing in the open air, under the stars, there’s nothing better.



Do you have any plan for this summer?   Don't forget to tell us in the comment : ) !

Love, Dahlia x


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