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Introducing FELLA…


If you have seen our summer film “One Dreamy Day”, you may be wondering who played the catchy tune at the background.  To those who do not know about it, it’s Brunette Delight by FELLA, a four-piece rock/pop band from Slough.

Today we are lucky enough to catch up with the boys to talk about their recent performance at the Olympics, music, fashion and girls…



Q: So we heard that you performed at the Olympics?  How was it?

A: Surreal! We performed for the Athletes in the Olympic village. It was really cool walking around and hanging out with some of the teams.. we felt really lucky to be involved in such a great event.


Q: Did you meet any athletes?

A:We hung out with some of team GB and a few other teams asked for copies of our EP. Yohan Blake stayed for a couple of songs, not sure it was his cup of tea though!



Q: Can you describe your music a little bit?  What music inspires you?

A:I guess the easiest way to describe our sound is full frontal and laddish. We tend to write about every day life experiences that most can relate to.


Q: Describe your fashion style in 3 words.

A: Vintage, rockabilly, smart.


Q: What kind of girl do you like in terms of fashion?

A: If your asking us to name someone then it would have to be our latest stylist Laura Moore, she always seems to predict the next big thing and never fails to rock it. She has a store on ASOS named Laura Moore Boutique.


Q: When is your next single coming out?

A: We've just released our EP ('State of Affairs') so no plans for a single as of yet.


Q: If you could support one band in the world, who would it be?

A: Madness


Q: Where did you think of the name ‘FELLA’?

A: We had a shortlist of names that we couldn't choose from and FELLA was one of them and one day during that time we were refereed to as FELLA's on a number of occasions. It was meant to be...


Q: Where can we find you performing next?

A: We're back at the Olympic village on September 3rd!!  All other dates can be found on our facebook at www.facebook.com/fellatheband


Love, Dahlia


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