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Happily ever after

Megan of The Briar Rose Blog (she’s the lovely girl with the amazing wavy red hair from our summer film) has recently become engaged.  Have a look at these romantic photos from her adorable engagement shoot. We are flattered she chose to wear our Stephanie dress for the occasion, she looks very beautiful.   Grant is a very lucky man!!

Congratulation Megan! We are very excited about the lovely news at Dahlia HQ, we just can't wait to see your wedding journey unfold!



Photo credit: Kitty Gallannaugh
Read more on Megan’s wedding blog

By the way, have we mentioned our Stephanie and Nicole organza prom dresses are marked down to £30 now?? GRAB THEM NOW BEFORE THEY’RE GONE!

Love, Dahlia

Sep 25, 2012

Thanks Lucie xx

Oct 28, 2012

omg, my beautiful redhead blogger Megan is engaged (: thanks for the news

Oct 30, 2012

Yes Shaney, we are happy to know Megan is engaged too <3 x

Sep 24, 2012

Kitty is my favorite photographer ever, she is so inspiring. Megan looks so beautiful it really is like a real fairytale!! Thank you for sharing, Dahlia.

Forever a fan xxxx


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