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Halloween Muses

October is halfway through and Halloween is knocking on the door.  Instead of dressing in silly costumes from party supplies as every one does, how about taking inspirations from those classic horror films to get into Halloween sprit without looking tatty and cheap?

To give you some inspiration, we have especially looked into our Dahlia archive and picked some gorgeous pieces for the look of our Halloween muses… so here we go!


Esther of The Orphan (2009)


There may be something wrong with Esther, but it ain't her sense of style! Esther loves beautiful collars (just like we do!) with a collection of sharp pinafores that must be the envy of Catholic schoolgirls, alive or dead, everywhere!



Miss Giddens of The Innocents (1961)



The Innocents is undoubtedly a British horror classic, we love how Miss Giddens styles her lace trimmed velvet dress with a lot of chunky accessories, her style is just an equally timeless classic as the film itself.



Tiffany of The Bride of Chucky (1998)


You may not agree The Bride of Chucky is one of the horror classics, but who can resist the super cool gothic make-up and wardrobe of Tiffany the bride?  It’s just so on trend and simple to put on!  Style-wise, Tiffany must be one of the classics!


We hope you like the characters we picked, let us know who’s your Halloween muse in the comment now.  Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Dahlia

Feb 07, 2013

these are all surprisingly wearable. i <3 how classic they all are.


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