Posted: Jan 30 2012

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Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone's had a good 2012 so far…January always feels like such a nonexistent month to me. I've been so unproductive and ultra lazy, spending time with the boyfriend and my kitten in the intense summer heat in South Africa, quite looking forward to Feb and everything that comes with it!

I'm loving this dress, it kinda makes me feel like an overgrown school kid but in the best way, ha, and the floral detail on the dress is too beautiful! I've worn it twice with shirts and once with a giant baggy t-shirt underneath…Loving it both ways to be honest! I wore it whilst taking a neighborhood stroll the other day and it felt so fun :)

In other news I've just been chosen to exhibit my photography at the Design Indaba at the end of the month, I feel so lucky! So that means I've been super busy prepping for my stall and coming up with ideas to make it look cool.  If anyone has any rad ideas they've seen to make a stall look interesting please do tell! It also means I'm shooting non stop in Feb to make sure I have loads of work that hasn't been seen before…gaaah not looking forward to looking like I haven't seen a bed for days and living on tea (well kinda looking forward to the tea bit)…ha!

Sorry about the short post guys, hoping everyone has a very happy February however and I shall be back next month!

Love, Amy xx



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