Posted: Feb 27 2012

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Pastel Summer...

Hey Lovelies!

I am wearing the Becca Swan print dress, possibly my favourite piece from Dahlia yet! It's such a delicious pastel shade, and the swan print and collar give it just the right amount of quirk.

Also, I find it pretty versatile as I'm wearing it in the intense heat here right now, but I also imagine throwing some tights on and being ready for the cold too…the perfect dress!

I actually did a photo shoot with this dress a few days ago, the model had bubblegum pink hair which sounds like a scary combo but it was perfect!  I'll post the pics soon. I'm driving 10 hours tomorrow into 10-degree warmer weather to go to the exhibition I mentioned in my last post (yes, this dress will be making an appearance), oh fun. Wish me luck!

Now I need to go and make LOTS of CD's for the drive up…have a happy day lovely people! xx



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