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Relaxing, reading and basking in the warm sun...

Hello fellow Dahlia lovers!

Let's just talk for a minute about how much I love Dahlia's Jessica dress. I imagined traipsing through New Orleans in summer when I first saw it. I thought I would have to layer it with tights and a coat and the whole deal until summer but I got the nicest surprise when it was 75 degrees outside! No coat! No tights! I couldn't believe my good fortune.

Naturally we took our baby Birdie the Boston terrier to the park and did some relaxing, reading and basking in the warm sun. Winter can certainly take its toll but its makes you appreciate the warm sun all that much more. For that alone, today I love winter. (Just don't ask me how I feel about it on the next rainy day)

Spring is just around the corner! I can...almost see it...there it is! :)

XO Coury

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