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Winter's on it's way...

Hey Everyone!

Today I spent the day at home in a blanket, it was so miserable and pouring with rain outside and sometimes I really truly love days like this.

Wonderful music, a fire, my kitty Basil all sleepy next to me and my new project, which is to do with ceramics and wood to keep me occupied.

The pretty Vivienne blouse arrived at my doorstep and completely brightened things up for me. One shirt with a collar, cutout detail and the prettiest colours. Yup, magical.

I have this silly habit of wearing new things AS SOON as I get them. Don't ask me why, so I’ve been sitting in a blanket wearing this precious thing all day. haha, strange.

Also, this is my kitty, Basil, aka my one true love. After Sarah's post with Oliver I couldn't resist…I love him dearly! :)

Have a wonderful April (and Easter!) xx

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