Posted: May 03 2012

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Happy May Day!

Hello Dahlia girls!

Happy May!!! Hope you’ve all been well!

I’m in my favourite Dahlia dress today! I say that every month, don’t I? But each one really does become my favourite, all the dresses get better and prettier! I really love the nautical detailing, it’s so adorable. I just have to be careful not to spill anything on my new white dress!

It is that time of year when students are revising like mad and trying to get through all their exams! I wish you all the best of luck, and don’t forget, summer is just around the corner! What else is there to look forward to in May? There’s a bank holiday coming up and I’ll be going to a food festival on my day off, that is always fun! I love trying new things and I once sampled Salt and Vinegar flavoured truffles! They weren’t as bad it as sounds. It was made from cherry vinegar, topped with crushed sea salt!

Talking of food, I am obsessed with Instagram photos. I love seeing things from another person’s eyes, this includes what food they eat and what places they see!  I’ve only joined Instagram 2 weeks ago but I am already hooked on it! My Instagram name is tempsec and the Dahlia’s Instagram name is Dahliafashion – we’ll see you over there!

Have a fab bank holiday weekend, everyone! Enjoy the month of May, and I’ll see you again next month!


Sarah x


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