Posted: May 10 2012

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Pink Flowers

Hi Dahlia Girls!

It's May already, goodness it always scares me when another week rushes past me…it makes me more passionate about what I do and I try to do more and challenge myself with every new day!

Here I am having a love affair with my latest Dahlia dress. The dusty pink hues and sweet floral print are just suited to me so well, here I have paired it with a sweet peter pan collar to compliment the lace detail at the bottom of the dress.

Lately I've been experimenting with red lipstick a lot, oh my, I love it! Especially with this dress, I feel like it just gives it a teeny bit of an edge! My only worry is that I must admit this dress is SO spring, not really fit for the wintery-ness over here right now, although I am totally fine with hiding from winter a little longer and tights are my best friend anyways! In fact, in my determination to fight the cold I just ordered these babies...

EXCITEMENT! I mean really, what could be better than floral shoes?

Anyways, in other news, my blog had a little makeover if you'd like to have a peek:, I really like it and it's made me want to spend more time blogging! Also, I'm seriously considering dyeing my hair a little darker, oh and I'm eating waaaay too many lamingtons. Yup, oh winter you sly fox!

See you soon lovelies! xx


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