Posted: Jun 06 2012

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Hello everyone!

Another month, another post, except that this is my last post as a Dahlia Girlfriend!! These 6 months have come and gone so quickly and I wish I could have them all over again! There’s definitely going to be a big Dahlia-shaped hole left in my month!!

Ahh well, it's not all sad, this Pamela dress is, well, the cutest thing EVER. It's nautical and sweet and made out of wonderful jersey material that I'm liking for winter, along with a really lovely full skirt and lace collar, which I adore!  :)

I'm definitely going to keep my eye on the Dahlia blog to see who the next lucky girls are and also to see how the Dahlia film turns out (the few pics I’ve seen so far look magical!) And I'm going to miss seeing how the other girlfriends wear their Dahlia parcel each month! Speaking of, it was such an honor to blog next to those two, they've become staples in my blog roll, and I cant wait to see more of Sarah's stylish posts and hear all about Coury's new little baby in the future!

A thunder and lightening storm started up whilst writing this, which only means one thing…it's going to be a Disney-movies-in-bed kinda evening!!

All of my love,



  • loving the nautical dress

    Posted by maria molly taylor on May 20, 2013
  • This dress is absolutely beautiful! Wish it was still in stock! Xxx

    Posted by Alex Bergin on February 08, 2013

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