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Introducing Amanda, Erin & Elena…


Hello Dahlia Girls!

Some of you may have noticed it’s time to announce the new group of Girlfriends as our residing bloggers again, how exciting!

Before we introduce our new girls, we would like to take this chance to say a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Amy, Sarah and Coury.  It was such a wonderful time for having you all on our blog.  It’s always hard to say goodbye but we look forward to spotting you girls wearing our dresses in the blogs and especially hearing about Coury’s new baby very soon!

And now, *DRUMROLLS…* we’re pleased to introduce you to our new Dahlia Girlfriends, Amanda, Erin & Elena…



Amanda from ajonssons.blogg.se

Erin from calivintage.com

Elena from mintmacaroons.blogspot.co.uk


We hope you like our group of girls we’ve chosen to take the reins.


Love, Dahlia x

Jul 20, 2012

Hi Alice, thanks very much for the comments provided. We will take your comments fully into account in the preparation of our future campaign. We are always interested to hear your views and comments, you may email us at customer@dahliafashion.co.uk. Thank you for helping us to constantly improve our product and service.
Love, Dahlia x

Jul 18, 2012

ooh what wondeful ladies!

Blau von T
Jul 19, 2012

Dear Dahlia,

I love your clothes but it would also be lovely to see some different sized bloggers for a change, not all of us who buy your clothes are a skinny size 6-10, your clothes fit up to a size L, a 14 (which isn’t actually very large!). Please do think of your whole audience and help cater for all sizes and shapes.


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