Posted: Sep 14 2012

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Collar and Studs


Hi! It's me again, Amanda, and I am writing from a grey and rainy Sweden today. Autumn is here for real now, and when I don't wear my big scarf or my warm gloves, I wear this fantastic dress I received from my favourite clothing store in the world - Dahlia. I love how the dress fits me just perfectly. With the colour, the shape, the length - I feel like it is made just for me.



As always with the parcels I receive from Dahlia, the dress has an amazing collar. This time the collar is black with golden studs and that combined with the wine red color and the lovely shape of the dress just makes the perfect mix of cuteness and rock n' roll-ness (if that isn't a word I'm making a word now). I totally love it!



And I'm sad to say it, this is my last Dahlia Girlfriend blog post. The time travels really fast. It feels like it was yesterday I was dancing around in the midnight sun wearing the floral-patterned dress in the picture above, which also was the first parcel I received from Dahlia. I have received fantastic clothing pieces and I am so very pleased for this opportunity, to write here and also to show my own blog readers all the amazing dresses and blouse. It really is a great honour, and a memory for life, too. Some day in my life if I have to travel to London, and I promise you that one of the first places I have to visit will be the Dahlia boutique. It feels amazing to actually have been a small piece of the Dahlia for three whole months.


Love to you all,

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