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The Stars Look Different Today

This week bought the sad news of David Bowie's Passing.

Like so many of you all over the world, we at Dahlia have all been inspired by his music and unique fashion sense. We have compiled a list of our favourite songs and looks from David Bowie here at the Dahlia HQ...

The Clown Bowie

Tracey loves the 1980 released "Ashes to Ashes" single cover featuring the gaudy Pierrot clown look. She used to have many Pierrot novelties when she was growing up.  

Ashes to Ashes

Tracey and her friends used to enjoy changing the lyrics to silly rhymes!


The Labyrinth Bowie

Being a crazy fan of the 80's, Leigh's favourite look is from Labyrinth.  The mullet and soft rock sexy tight tails jacket are so reminiscent of childhood sleep overs.

Under Pressure

"Ding-Ding-Ding Diddle Ing-Ding" The collaboration with Queen. It's such an iconic song that everyone knows it featuring two amazing artists.


The Bohemian Bowie

Van's favourite look of Bowie is this androgyny, bohemian look in the early 70s.  He fully embraced his predication for gender-blending with his pretty flowing locks and patterned fur coat whilst posing with a cigarette.


Van watched a documentary about how this song was inspired by a guitar riff written by Carlos Alomar whilst the title was from John Lennon, and was hurriedly engineered by Bowie with Lennon contributing in the studio. She loves the beats, the riff and the story behind it. She loves everything about it.

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