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Little White Eyelet Dress

White dresses continue to be a summer favorite of mine this year. You may remember my obsession
with them last year (see posts here and here) and it seems I am nowhere near getting bored of them. 
I actually now have over 10 white dresses and this eyelet one from Dahlia is the newest addition to
the little family. I was so excited to receive it and it did not fail me when I tried it on, it fit me like a
glove. Plus, how gorgeous is the buckle detailed back?!

I wish I could wear this dress outside right now but it's just too cold to go barelegged so I decided to
shoot this dress inside and there was no location more perfect than this gorgeous concert hall called
Harpan in Reykjavík. I know that this dress will be a stable piece of my summer wardrobe, since it
is an easy piece to dress up or down! What is your favorite summer trend?

Nov 15, 2013

Dear Janet,This stitching is not mine. Most pbalobry it should belong to an online student of mine, coz she has used even the same colored thread for interlaced running stitch. You can check these links for the tutorials:The first and the third stitching belongs to the herringbone family. My pictures can be found only here, in my website. You can check the picture dictionary to spot any stitch:

Nov 15, 2013

this is great! Since you have so many soda cans here’s another idea I had seen at a store.they are gadern stakes Use the bottom of the can as the center of your flower and cut the top off and then make petals and bend them forward and add a stake. now you have something for your gadern or at least outdoor decor

Nov 12, 2013

So sorry that you’ve had such a rough ride with the pregnancy. It’s going to be such a huge reelif to you when she finally arrives (can’t be long now!) I bet you’re still in shock that you’re going to have a little girl in the house! You’ve done a great job decorating her room. I was shocked to see how many clothes you already have for her. We don’t have baby showers’ over here, so the presents are given once the baby has arrived. Before Lil’ L was born, I had one pack of baby grows and one pack of diapers. Impressive hey?

Nov 12, 2013

chuck / February 28, 2009I was always amaezd that I could find the power buton on my computer so building my own scared me to death but, thanks to this website I have done it.It was totaly built with nothing but the info off of this site and the motherboard owners manual. It fired up without a hitch and is running great and fast. I only ran it a short time because I wanted to ask this question first. The motherboard has the ATX 8 pin power connector and I have the (2) 4pin power connectors from the PSU. So, this is the question. The 8 pin connector on the motherboard has a cover over 4 of the pins. should I just plug in / leave plugged in 1 of the 4 pin connectors or go ahead and remove the cover and hook up both. I dont want to fry anything. (like the Q9550). I just figured there must be a reason they put that cover on there. My uneducated PC building guess was it was to let people know that if you are going to use just 1 4pin power plug to use that 1 side of the power connector. I knew to match up the right 4pin plug with the power connector. Just wondering about the other plug. Thanks ChuckReply

Nov 05, 2013

This is such a great idea! I’ve been wanting to put all my riobbns somewhere convenient, but I don’t want to buy anything. Thank you for this!! I love your blog. :)Amanda @www.thelittlegiggler.blogspot.com

Nov 02, 2013

It was a little unalfmortcboe at first, but most of that came from stretching out my hand and short little fingers to grip it. After using it for a while I, er, conditioned the hole punching muscles in my right hand. LOL Using it repetitively doesn’t seem so bad anymore.I can’t imagine working with 1/16 eyelets, though. That’s so tiny! I’d lose more from dropping them in the carpet than I could actually use!

Nov 02, 2013

Hi Sarah,I’m working on a pcrjeot that uses only straight and running stitches (I’m a beginning stitcher.) Somewhere I came across this image I recognize your stitching, but I can’t find it on your site!Specifically, can you tell me if the top and bottom lines of stitching are considered to be in the straight stitch family? And if so, if they have particular names, or if they’re just interlaced variations .Thanks so much! With much gratitude for your wonderful site,Janet

Oct 18, 2013

What a clever idea Michelle! I think my son is tiyrng to be a crafter himself. He took his shoe box and put a couple of holes on top using a pencil. Added grass inside. And now he is on the hunt for a bug or something to put in it! lol I wonder if young Avery will do the same! heheheHugs,Angela

Oct 18, 2013

All very nice outfits, I see melsyf always pulling out the last outfit, jeans, cute top and a blazer/jacket, a cute clutch, pumps, my always go to outfit! I’ll have to follow her blog Thanks for sharing!

May 25, 2013


Claire Butler

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