Posted: Jun 04 2013

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John Lennon's Long-Lost Sister

Summer has arrived! Well, it definitely has here in Falmouth at least. With just weeks left in my University town before I have to make the momentous move back home to Kent with all of my possessions in tow, I'm determined to make the most of living in such a beautiful place! And so that means attempting to visit as many seaside towns as possible, eating as many ice-creams and pasties I can stuff in, browsing lots of boutique shops and eateries, and maybe, just maybe, trying to stay upright on a surfboard. After finishing my degree a fortnight ago however, I spent the first few days reacquainting myself with naps, drinks, proper food and TV series that I'd been meaning on catching up on for what feels like forever. I then spent a very much needed week at home with my family, enjoying seeing my not-so-puppy-sized-anymore Teddy and little brother Doug. Now back in Falmouth, I can't wait to start ticking off everything on my to-visit list!

Mid-crisis time between Dissertation hand in and exam period, I had a brief period of joy when I received this beautiful pinafore from Dahlia in the post. I think it's pretty much known that I have a soft spot for a good pinafore, and this is one that (if I could) I would never take off! As I haven't blogged in quite a while, there's a few new bits and bobs in this post that i've yet to share; my new sunglasses made by the lovely Jaymie that are pretty much stuck to my face, even if they leave me looking a bit like John Lennon's long-lost sister, my sale bargain ASOS bag that shows my not-so-secret Dog obsession to everyone that walks by, and finally, the rose gold Olivia Burton watch that i've had my eye on for a very long time and was lucky enough to be treated to on my birthday from my boyfriend. Now that time in beautiful Falmouth is running out, I have to make sure that a chance for a fish and chips dinner is never missed, we all know that a trip to the seaside isn't the same without a good portion of chips smothered in salt and vinegar!

♥ Pinafore: Dahlia
♥ Breton top: Topshop
♥ Loafers: Russell & Bromley
♥ Scottie Dog Bag: ASOS
♥ Watch: Olivia Burton
♥ Sunglasses: Jewellery by Jaymie



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