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London Weekend Guide

Hooooray! It's Friday! Do you have any plans for the weekend? If you don't, no worries! We have put together this London Weekend Guide for you...

He acts, directs, writes and makes art. Is there anything James Franco can’t do? The Hollywood actor has taken inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho for his debut exhibition in Britain. A London must-see over the next month, head to Psycho Nacirema at Pace London Gallery, 6-10 Lexington Street. (www.pacegallery.com)

Maison Bertaux, one of the London's oldest and best French patisserie. Since 1871 it has served tea and cake to artists, actors and dandies. With its mismatched tea-sets and formica tables (plus Noel Fielding’s paintings all over the wall!) , Maison Bertaux is a Soho institution that you can't help falling in love with for its steamy, cramped charm.  (www.maisonbertaux.com)

You can’t visit central London without stopping at our Dahlia boutique, can’t you? Don’t miss our SUMMER SALE for your dream dress and our boutique exclusive clothing and accessories! (8 Fouberts Place, off Carnaby Street)

Have a fabulous weekend girls! x

Oct 04, 2013

I miss London every day! I’d give anything to spend a weekend there. It’s much harder to do now that I live in the states.


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