Posted: Jun 28 2013

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While half of the Dahlia team are pitching their tents and getting the ciders in at Glastonbury, the other half of us are gearing up for the festival from the comfort of our sofas.

Are we jealous of our festival sisters? Well maybe a little... However we will enjoy all the good bits and none of the bad! (No portaloos for us!)

Here's how we will be enjoying Glasto at home...

Having had the pleasure to meet two of the headline acts at Glastonbury, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons, who both recorded their albums at our neighbours studio here in West London. We will be eagerly awaiting their appearance on the Pyramid Stage! (We wonder if Mumford and Sons will take their gorgeous little dog Rambo with them?!)

What band or artist are you most looking forward to seeing?



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