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In Memory of River Phoenix, my teenage crush.....

Rewind 20 years and think about what you were doing? Maybe you weren’t born or maybe some of you were cute little girls playing with your dolls?

On the 31st October 1993 I had just turned 15. That painful and awkward age, but an age I hark back to now that I am 35. In contrast, in 1993 I thought 35 was ancient, the end of the world!!

River Phoenix was cool. He had an edge, a moody broodynish that instantly appealed to my 15yr old self. He starred in art house movies and along with the whole Nirvana indie scene (which was huge at the time), I was enthralled.

At the time I was rocking this grunge indie image. Remembering River brings back outfit memories of a trip to The Beatles museum in Liverpool. I wore a second hand (not strictly vintage)! tweed jacket, flared trousers, biker boots and a ruffle front blouse. It was my first tentative steps at vintage dressing.

So imagine my sadness when on Halloween night 20 years ago, my teenage life got it’s first feeling of pain. I remember hearing the news that River Phoenix had died. I cried, I really cried and then I called my friend and we cried some more.

We couldn’t believe that he died right there, outside the Viper room in LA, a place we had dreamed of going. The Viper Room’s owner was Johnny Depp, another of my favourite crushes.

So this year on Halloween I will be thinking back to those days and thinking of River Phoenix and those memories he gave me.

My Own Private Idaho – really ‘out there’ movie at the time

Stand by Me – coming of age movie, an early River film

Modeling shot – This shot was on my bedroom wall.

Random shot – I still totally fancy him!!!!

Love Leigh. xx
Nov 05, 2013

Great piece, love it!

Jenny Hoy

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