AW14 Dahlia Blogger Community


We're SO glad you want to join in!


So, what's it all about then...

We LOVE blogs, and we especially LOVE blogs about Dahlia, but not everyone has 5000+ readers
and not everyone can be a Dahlia Girlfriend ALL the time... so we've come up with a way to
spread a little Dahlia love far and wide, meaning it doesn't matter if you have 50 or 5000 readers,
we still value your time and effort in writing your blogs, taking fab photos
and generally being awesome fashionistas of the 21st Century!

This promo will run until Christmas and is designed to return some of the love you show for Dahlia,
by rewarding you for every post you create about our latest AW14 Collection (which will
continue to be updated as styles are added to the 'New In' throughout the season).

We wish we could simply send everyone one of you a free wardrobe, but if we did there would be no
more Dahlia left and that would be tragic!

So, here's the next best thing...

Using the code emailed to all our subscribed bloggers, you can claim 50% OFF
everything in our NEW IN section on the understanding you will write a post about that item.
It's not free, to start with, but it's a fantastic offer for true Dahlia fans.

But here's where it gets interesting...

If you decide to write a post using an AW14 style, be it as part of an outfit post,
photo story or whatever your blog desires, and then submit the link to that post on
the form below, we will send you ANOTHER personal code for 60% OFF another item!

Write another post using the new style, submit the link on this page, and get ANOTHER
personal code for 70% OFF, repeat for 80% and again for a totally FREE item.
ALL from our latest and greatest NEW IN.

Everyone is welcome, small or big, we're not judging, just encouraging!

Lots of Love
Dahlia xX



The Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions:

1) The promotion will end at midnight GMT on Friday 19 December 2014.

2) Any unused codes will be become invalid at that date.

3) Instagram, Facebook and Tweets will not count as 'Blog Posts' for the purpose of this promo.

4) Dahlia undertakes to be fair and open in all matters regarding this promomtion.

5) Dahlia must reserve the right to end this promotion or amend these rules at any time and for any reason.

6) If for any reason Dahlia considers an entry to be fraudulent or non genuine, for any reason, it will be disregarded without explanation.

7) If you have any questions regarding this competition, please contact us at