Dahlia is born out of a love of fashion and individuality. Started in 2000 by Tracey, she was quickly joined by her sister, Leigh. Selling their homemade designs at Portobello and Spitalfields markets, the quirky outlook of Dahlia quickly caught the attention of fashion devotees around the world.

With a playful personality and creative styling at its heart, Dahlia’s look embodies modern British style. Fashionable, cleverly cut pieces in fabulous fabrics, prints and bespoke detailing. Tracey and Leigh have created a brand that girls want and the success of Dahlia has been fuelled by word of mouth and many loyal fans. Dahlia soon caught the eye of the buyers from Topshop, where it is now stocked and the sisters opened their own Boutique in Carnaby, London. Dahlia is now home to a small team of passionate and talented people who find a real pleasure in fashion.

With Tracey based in London and looking after all things Dahlia here, Leigh relocated to Hong Kong where she married her radio DJ boyfriend, Tim Littlechild, in 2010. Leigh's proximity to the far eastern fabric markets means the sisters get the best of both worlds, an intimate understanding of where the next direction in fast fashion is going, and the ability to source the very latest materials, trims and techniques. Together they take inspirational buying trips around the world, to bring back ideas and concepts that turn into the fabulous Dahlia pieces you find on sale right here. Dahlia doesn't mass produce styles, sometimes it's only 50 pieces, bringing uniqueness and exclusivity that sets us apart from many other independent labels. What we do sometimes find though, is there are some garments out there that we love so much, we just have to bring them home for you, and these are now nested under our new brand, Dahlia Sister. Younger, more directional and even faster.

After a decade of design, we are proud to have an international following who appreciate the hard work going into producing unique and inspiring pieces. We hope you will treasure your Dahlia wardrobe additions and find plenty to keep you entertained on our new website. We strive to be different, yet on trend, and are looking forward to 2017 when we aim to engage with all our worldwide Dahlia girls in many different ways. From our blogger events and hosted pages. If you get Dahlia, get involved, we can't wait to meet you!
Love Tracey & Leigh